Everything But the Ugg Suggested for Throwing

The shoe-throwing thing has become an easy target for punsters

Stories like this make us miss the Daily News of old, the one that regularly offered up those water-cooler stories that were sometimes just so wacky we had to talk about them.

This was like that, a localization of the Bush-shoe-ducking event as only the Valley publication could provide -- it interviewed people at local shoe stores and asked them to recommend the best footwear for throwing.

Seriously. You can read it online if you don't believe.

Of course, the whole shoe thing has proved an easy target for punsters around the world, and this take is no different.

"Local folks bare their soles." "The incident had tongues wagging." There was disgust "among the straight-laced." And, being that we're talking politics, there were "flip-flops and wedge issues" OK, OK, enough.

Several shoe salespersons played along for the report and, well, how often do reporters ask shoe salespeople to comment on political matters? Suggestions ranged from a pair of Jessica Simpson boots with seven-inch spike heels to simple, soft slippers. All it lacks is an Ugg.

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