Extending the Holiday by a Day? Pros and Cons…

Monday. It's challenging for anyone who has ever held a job, gone to school or pretty much walked the planet. But the Monday *after* the holidays? Yipes. It amazes us anyone can drag their humps out the door.

If you didn't -- and who can blame you? -- staying in bed is not the answer. And while anyone with a job should be extremely happy at the moment (seems to be a running theme these days), if you are going to take a little more "you" time, we'd clear it with the boss, have a friend cover if they can, and then head out to...

Hit the beach. It's chilly, yes, but isn't it practically the law to go down to the sand on a weekday away from the cubicle?

Savor a beery lunch. Usually the noon beer belongs to the long 'n lazy weekends, but if you're skipping meetings, toast your badness with a foamy lager.

Wander the art exhibit no one you know ever wants to go to, regardless of how you beg. Take all the time you want. Sit on the bench across from a VIP (very important painting) Do not think about your overflowing inbox on your desk, or the 49 emails awaiting you tomorrow.

Make those returns. You love the loved one who gave you the jingle-bell sweatshirt. There's no way in hell you're ever wearing it, even in the privacy of your bathroom. Get it returned today. People who let items they'd like to return pile up by the front door through the month of June are unhappy people who increasingly grow fidgety though they know not why.

Okay, on second thought, go to work. You'll get a jump on the piled-up stuff. And you'll get to hear all the cuh-razy things your cubicle mate did on New Year's Eve. Save the day off for later in the year, like when summer arrives, all lovely and warm and bikini-licious...

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