Opening Ford's New Liftgate is a Kick

The new Ford Escape and its convenient liftgate will debut at the LA Auto Show

An SUV liftgate won't be the most exciting thing at this month's LA Auto Show, but it's likely the gate on the new Ford Escape will make a few people stop, stare and struggle to figure out how it opens.

Imagine arriving at the rear of your vehicle with an armload of groceries or kittens. Placing the groceries on the ground is a mild inconvenience, but nobody wants to spend all afternoon rounding up a litter of frisky kittens. 

No need to drop anything with the Ford's next Escape. Just kick your foot under the rear bumper and sensors tell the lifegate to open. Scroll down to see how it works.

Just make sure the keyfob is nearby and take a few steps back when the gate opens. Then, kick to close.

It's not the only hands-free lift-gate out there, but as you can see in the video below, the method might confound your friends.

The new Escape makes its debut Nov. 18-27 at the LA Auto Show.

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