Free Thing of the Day: Hugging

The Happiness Project, a very timely blog looking at achieving that not-all-too-elusive happiness, just did an interesting post on how hugging is good. Which made us smile, and think back to the time those cheerful souls stood in front of the Chinese Theatre with "Free Hugs" signs (there were many takers, not unsurprisingly). We believe it was part of the Free Hugs Campaign, but even if it wasn't, it seemed generally positive, which we just can't knock.

The Free Hugs Campaign is part of that embrace-driven movement that spans back to, oh, we suppose when humans first started reaching out to other humans in platonic, comforting touch. "Hugs Not Drugs" and "Happiness is a Hug from Grandma" wear and an actual wikiHow on "How to Hug" that is actually fairly instructional are all part of the larger hug universe.

And so while hugging will never go away -- at least not as long as there are film premieres, graduations, and the Oscars -- we're glad to get reminded every so often that this is a free thing to do that is generally welcomed by both parties involved.

And if you're not a hugger -- and there are many people out there who will firmly stop someone in pre-hug mode -- may you weather this return-to-hugging moment with fortitude. "I'm not a hugger" seems to us a perfectly honest slogan for the next hip t-shirt.

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