Giant Things Hovering Above Hollywood Boulevard

Sure, other towns may boast the Largest Pencil Sharpener, but we have Hollywood Boulevard, where the largest things actually change with some frequency. That's how cool a city we are; we actually *change out* our largest things to keep 'em fresh and exciting.

We exaggerate the eensiest bit, but we suddenly realized that seeing something big or glowing or weird or huge on Hollywood now doesn't feel outlandish -- it just feels right. Like, yes. That massive funny "what-the-h-is-that" object should be there.

The balloon-laden "Up" house floating above the El Cap for the film's premiere or the massive Jack Skellington that glowered in honor of "Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas 3D" were temporary of course. But we do like a good, boulder-sized premiere prop. Someone makes it, someone installs it, and we salute those someones.

Also temporary but noteworthy: that giant, huge, football-field-sized-ish curtain they hang over the entrance to the Kodak at the Academy Awards. And the red carpet? We can never decide if it is like 100 red carpets stapled together, seamlessly, or one ginormous rug made at the ginormous rug factory in Ginormous Land.

And kudos to you, Ripley's clock-destroying-dinosaur. It's true, you're permanent, but you're large and you loom over the boulevard, so we're giving you credit. And you too, Hollywood & Highland elephants. You're big. Don't be jealous we mentioned the dinosaur first. We know you guys are neighbors and probably get along.

What big thing will delight us next? We're waiting to be dazzled, Hollywood Boulevard. That's right. Dazzled.

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