Gill's Gobblers Go Glacial

The wee treats are a Farmers Market classic.

If you show with a Gill's Old Fashioned Ice Cream turkey at your Thanksgiving dinner, you have our express permission to call them "brrrr-irds" all you like. Frosty feathers? There are many choices here.

And there are many choices in the what-to-bring-for-Thanksgiving-dessert field, it is true, but you likely, year in and year out, search for a treat that has a bit of oomph to it. That'll make the hostess coo. That'll get talked about.

Gill's Old Fashioned Ice Cream at Farmers Market has been in the cold, creamy treat field for decades (it still even has that mid-century pink-and-white-striped front). We're sweet on the limeade, but many people return every November for the shop's ice cream turkey.

They're made in small metal molds, about the size of the palm of your hand, and usually in chocolate, says Mr. Gill, the shop's affable owner. And they're $5, so not bank-busting. If you're feeding a big crowd, best order a few (and best ask to see the size of the mold when ordering, just to get an idea).

Mr. Gill says he needs a few days advance notice, so if you're near the Third & Fairfax marketplace in the next few, and you want some brrrr-irds, best stop by.

And when we say that those wee turkey molds remind us of something we might have seen on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens circa November 1955, we are paying a big, big compliment. Huge.

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