Grab Thomas Lennon’s Shorty Shorts

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When an item of clothing practically becomes another star of a multiplayer comedy show, you take note. And it was impossible to watch an episode of Comedy Central's "Reno 911!" and not notice the shorty shorts worn by Lieutenant Jim Dangle, the go-get-'em head of the team played, with aplomb, by Thomas Lennon.

His shorts were tight. Constricting. Pinching. Pert. Even coquette-ish.

And remarkably short. Now the sartorial star of the recently finished-up but formerly long-running series is up for auction. Lieutenant Dangle himself is imploring people to go bid on the lower half of his costume, because the money is going to help Bowling for Boobies and the Busted Foundation, which assists people with medical bills.

Mr. Lennon also adds these are the *last* real Dangle shorts around, so if you want 'em, and you want to lend a hand, bid now. (Also, please note; blue shorts are pictured here, but brown shorts are pictured on eBay.)

Will you wear them once you win them? Put 'em in a high-security vault? We say wear 'em. At least once. You have to.

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