Great Britain 3D

Look for a famous landmark to pop up, briefly, at Hollywood and Highland.

Outlandish optical illusion, a bit of cheeky tourism, and a really great photo opportunity unite in Great Britain 3D, which is making for Hollywood & Highland on Thursday, Sept. 29.

What is it? A handful of pop-up British landmarks designed by 3D street artists Joe & Max are traveling the world and showing up in countries near and far. We're up next, here in Southern California, and we're keen to see what will be erected, if only for a moment, in the heart of Tinseltown. Buckingham Palace? Hyde Park? The mind reels.

The best bit is that people can have their photos snapped as they stand in or in front of the landmark. Will you tell your pals you just popped over to England for the day? Well. They may not buy that, but they'll curious about your experiences with a 3D artwork. Those doesn't come around every day. You'll also get a chance to enter a contest. Prize? Trip. You + the UK. Of course.

Which has us thinking. If we had to do a pop-up LA landmark in the middle of London, what would we build? Hollywood Sign? Disney Hall? Again, the mind reels.

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