Hammer Becomes Forks

A museum goes all mysterious on us.

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The courtyard at the Hammer Museum typically sees more people downing sandwiches during their lunch hours than vampires, but that all changed on Monday,  November 16th, when the Westwood institution got "Twilight"-ed out for the night.

And because there will already be thousands of photos of the stars of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" at the premiere pinging around the internet, and because there might be some people who are curious what the after-party scene looked like, we're giving the atmospheric soiree a quick shout-out.

The outlandish post-movie bash. It's a staple of our city, too often unsung. Because putting one on? We can only imagine. The napkins. Not enough. The votives. Where. Are. The. Votives???

So, Twilight. Westwood become West Washington. And the Hammer, haunting. Although we've seen some pretty haunting exhibits at the museum. So watching the courtyard be transformed with draperies and vampire-nice low lights feels fitting.

Maybe the decor can stay up for a bit? Give all the people on break from the cube something to marvel at while chowing down.

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