Hops Hullabaloo: San Diego Beer Week

Taste several sips in the town known for its brews.

THE FOAMS OF AMERICA'S FINEST CITY: Let your eyes roam over any tony beer menu, in nearly any city around California, and a certain city will be spied, again and again, under multiple brewers. That city, of course, is San Diego, a place that's created the right conditions for the strong growth of a stellar craft beer scene. The conditions didn't take yeast or hops or any of the ingredients that might go into a lively ale, but they have found fertile ground in the community of brewers based in and around San Diego, a tightly knit group that continues to promote the local culture as a vibrant whole. And few parties are as vibrant as the one that arrives in November each year: San Diego Beer Week. The mega multi-day, multi-taste, multi-everything foam-stravaganza rises to the top of the glass from...

NOV. 4 THROUGH 13, 2016: And that multi-everything aspect draws a lot of fans, as in 20,000 fans, so booking your nearby stay is typically must-do #1. Must-do #2? Poring over the schedule and deciding all of the outings you want to drop into, from the Venissimo Cheese Pairing happening at Thorn Street Brewery to the San Diego Guild Brewers Festival to the Beer Train Trolley Tour to the Beer Garden at The Lodge at Torrey Pines to wrap the whole sudsy shebang up in a stylish, ocean-delightful way (the waves are just a short stroll from the hotel-close lawn where the party'll unfurl). Will you seem some of your favorites from the region, like Modern Times and Karl Strauss? So many headlining hopsy handles spring from the San Diego area nowadays that it really is a who's who deal during Beer Week. Find the biggies, discover fresh finds, and get to know what's happening in the vats and taps of one of our country's most robust beer-making centers.

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