Hot Dog: Orange County Goes Pink(‘s)

Pink's pairs up with Knott's.

Tap tap. Our Pink's radar must be on the fritz.

When the Melrose/La Brea bun-porium, which has been throwing hot dogs on the grill for decades and decades from one famous spot, goes on the road, we know. LA County Fair every fall. LAX. Our Pink's radar is always on maximum feed and tuned to mustard-scented signals.

But when we passed the stand earlier today, we spotted a new banner (don't you like the classic Pink's banners?) that touted a new location at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park.

Radar! Tap tap. Definitely must have some sort of jam.

Grand opening is Sunday, February 28th. (We should add that Pink's has been cooking at Knott's for a few months now, but this is the big to-do kick-off.) There will be a ribbon cutting, dachshund races, tunes, inhale-hot-dogs-fast contests.

So this is the challenge, other Pinkians: Could you possibly visit the classic La Brea Pink's, the LAX outpost, the one at the LA County Fair in the fall, and the Pink's at Knott's, all in a day? There may be maps and walkie-talkies and sonar involved. But it is a worthy goal.

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