Jury Rejects Husband's Fractured Penis Claim

After seeing and hearing more about the male genitalia than they probably ever wanted to know...

Jurors said no to a local couple's emotional "fractured penis" case against a urologist.

“Whenever I made love to my wife, it felt like the first time. It was great,” the husband testified to a Delaware County jury of nine women and three men.

The Drexel Hill husband claimed that wonderful love life was ruined because his condition wasn't diagnosed fast enough for him to receive the proper treatment. The husband said consequently, he was left impotent.

The doctor's attorney told the jury in closing arguments Friday that they'd probably seen and heard more about the male genitalia that they ever wanted to know, according to the Daily Times.

After seeing an MRI of the patient's penis and hearing the doctor explain why his injury was not like other penile fractures the urologist had treated, the jury decided there was no negligence on the doctor's part

The husband had testified that he and his wife had a healthy sex life until a Saturday morning in 2004, when, while having intercourse, he struck her pelvic bone, according to the Daily Times.
“I heard a pop and a sharp pain. And blood was shooting all over,” he told the jury according to the newspaper's report. “I didn’t have a clue what was happening. Blood was spurting all over.”

His wife took him to the emergency room. The man claimed the doctor he sought out for treatment that day didn't figure out his penis was fractured. That's a big deal, he claimed, because apparently there is only a short window of opportunity to have surgery for a fractured penis.

By the time the husband did some research of his own on the internet and got a second opinion, he said it was too late.

“I was really upset,” he said. “It ripped me apart. I can’t have sex with my wife. It was so overwhelming.”

The man testified that he has tried lots of other options to get things back in working order, but nothing has helped.

“It hurt so bad. I tried to have sex, but couldn’t,” he said.

The man's wife testified Thursday and broke down in tears.

“We no longer make love — it’s just sex,” she said. “We’ll never have what we had before. It’s gone forever.”

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