Important Questions: Should Susan Boyle Get a Makeover?

British singer turned internet sensation Susan Boyle was the topic of debate on NPR's Talk of the Nation today, believe it or not. Opinion is torn over whether or not the lady should get a makeover. The discussion was spurred by Washington Post writer Robin Givhan's article saying yes, Boyle needs some help. "Transformation is always part of a good story. Cinderella didn't go to the ball in hand-me-downs. She went looking her best in a glorious gown and won the heart of the prince. The ugly duckling becomes a swan. The tale of Susan Boyle will not be complete until the shy spinster blossoms. Those who have been entranced by her story so far should let Boyle's fairy godmother finish her work."

Givhan is talking about giving the singer a haircut, a little gloss, and perhaps dressing her in more-flattering clothing—not some sort of extreme makeover slice-and-dice that would result in an "after" that bore no resemblance to the "before". The ladies of Jezebel are pro. However, the general Twittering public seems to be leaning towards no makeover. Did anyone care this much about Paul Potts' looks?

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