International Eats Fair

AWESOME ORANGE: Oh Orange. First off, your name. Orange. Almost as California-y as the word California itself. Second, your beauty. That sweet town square? The shops? The bungalows? It is a bit "Pleasantville," but in all the right ways. And third, Watson Drugs and Soda Fountain. Wait. If we get to Watson's BLT in the space we won't have time to talk about what we've come to talk about, which is the Orange International Street Fair. It's a huge eat-tacular -- yeah, we said eat-tacular, because that's the word that works -- that's been around for decades and decades. It's centered around the town-square-y area of Orange. And various cuisines are divided into sections and streets.

AND THOSE INCLUDE... Dutch. Polynesian. Swiss. German. Ginza. And more more more. We told you. Eat-tacular. Now you'll be tossing that around. The dates are Friday, Sept. 2 through Sunday, Sept. 4 (note that there's no Monday date, even though it is a Labor Day Weekend tradition). It's free to get in, but obviously any good you purchase will require funds. The only question in our minds is will we have room for that Watson's BLT. We'll be so close. Maybe we can get that to go. Sweet, or savory rather, decisions. Savory decisions.

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