Julia Stiles Blogs “Oleanna”

Bill Pullman always has a bit of the rapscallion about him. Even when he's in a dark feast for the soul like David Lynch's "Lost Highway" there's a bit of a twinkle or a cock of the eyebrow.

So we're wondering how that will translate in "Oleanna," which is opening on Thursday, May 28 at the Mark Taper. The David Mamet play, about a student, her professor, and an accusation she makes, delves into politics and power and sexuality. "Oleanna" will mark its 20th in a few years and has pretty much garnered every award and accolade to be garnered; it has also attracted a host of top-notch thespians for the two leads, including the marvelous Mr. William H. Macy. Impressive.

Pullman's co-star is Julia Stiles, who is blogging about her "Oleanna" experiences. Hello, new world. Actors Twittering and writing about roles and on-set, on-stage experiences as they happen are definitely adding a different flavor to the art-creation proceedings. Maybe it's akin to the rise of DVD director's commentary in a way? Behind-the-scenes-y and all that? 

She also has a few observations on LA in a recent post that are worth reading.

"Oleanna" runs from May 28-July 12 at the Mark Taper Forum downtown.

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