Kathy Ireland Signs New Book, Talks Life, Family

Okay, so we're a curious nation. Basically we have this deep-down desire to see that the famous are just like us -- in fact, we think one of the tabloids might have a section that riffs on that, or perhaps they all do -- and that celebrities share in our day-to-day struggles. This desire has existed as long as there have been famous people and the rest of everybody else, and so it shall remain forever.

We're always happy to see, then, when a well-known person not only doesn't shirk from the struggles/issues/unflattering moments -- case point, the Kathy Ireland picture that made the rounds last week -- but has positive suggestions on how to fix everything going wrong. If you missed the photo brouhaha, Ms. Ireland had gained some weight and her son saw the picture and inquired if she was pregnant. Has that happened to about a zillion women? Yes it has. So that a famous person owns up is a relief but not surprising in the end.

The supermodel is owning up to a lot of issues moms face in her new book (title: "Real Solutions for Busy Moms"), which she is signing at Book Soup on Tuesday, April 14th. If you've got a few hurdles, a few pounds, a few questions, or you've been a supermodel who has dealt with various everyday matters, get to West Hollywood.

And seriously, we have to say that that picture was fine. No biggie. And definitely nothing out of the ordinary for any of us. People were overreacting just a hair, if we do say so ourselves. Onward and upward and all that... Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood. 310-659-3110

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