Kogi's Next Trick: Chego Opens Wednesday

No trucks here. Just classic brick and mortar.

Things we love: 1) Korean fusion, 2) Surprises.

On Wednesday, we'll get both at the grand opening of Chego, the new Korean-fusion restaurant from the brains behind Kogi.

Although there's something special about locating a Kogi truck, we're taking comfort knowing this new eatery actually has an address (3300 Overland Ave.).

And don't expect too many frills. Chego will be on the softer side of swank, with meals ranging from $10-15.

According to Thrillist:

The main offerings are multi-ingredient rice bowls, including the "Sour Cream Hen House" (w/ fried egg, Chinese broccoli, & sambal sauce), the "One Chubby Pork" (glazed, w/ kochujang, fried egg, & water spinach), and the egg/water spinach/fried shallot/creamed horseradish "Tiny's Prime Rib", which's chili-rubbed, even though T-Boz was all, "don't you realize Tiny is ripping our group apart?"

As for that surprise, the Kogi camp is keeping mum.

"Chego's grand opening will be moved to Wednesday, April 7, 2010. And we will be celebrating two very special occasions. One will be our public opening, and the other will be … well, it's a surprise! But I can tell you that it is related to Papi's NYC detour," according to the Kogi blog.

That's obviously not a lot to go on; however, they are teasing us with the possibility of Papi getting some ink done: "The last time (Papi) returned from a mysterious, spur-of-the-moment last-minute excursion, he came back with half a sleeve of tattoos on one arm…and an interesting story on the other."

We're definitely eager for Wednesday to roll around. In the meantime, we'll just have to stalk Chego's Twitter feed for more clues. 

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