LA Makes “Walking Cities” List (But Prepare for Surprise)

Thank you, Missing Persons, for not only making space-y, superfoil bikinis cool in the mid-1980s, but also for claiming that "no one walks in LA," a line that's been quoted thousands of times over in a variety of publications. And now here. But as it turns out, people do walk in LA, or at least parts of it, as well as Long Beach.

Both Los Angeles and Long Beach have been named by Walk Score as highly walkable. Yes. As in, leave the car keys in the dish and tie up the tennies. Commentators on the NY Times Freakonomics blog may take issue with exactly *what* parts of LA are walkable vs. not, but we'll bask in the selection. After, think of Sunset Junction, Ventura around Laurel Canyon, Spring Street downtown, Fairfax's Little Ethiopia... you just can't argue that there are about 300 or so great areas to get out and stride about.

And when the issue of walking in LA arises, we prefer to cite the part in "LA Story" when Steve Martin gets in his car to drive down the block, then parks and gets out. Not that we can't reference that Missing Persons song over and over and over again, because it is catchy. And Dale Bozzio? Divine. 

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