Limes, Salt, and Celebration: Margaritas for Mom

We love moms and all their loving, life-teaching, hug-giving, support-lending mommylicious ways, but we're not about to assume that those maternal wonders don't like to live it up from time to time. Sometimes Mom just wants to sit before a basket of tortilla chips, a dish of salsa, and a drink made with a very exquisite, amber-hued tequila. We can support that. By the way, Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10. Repeat that over and over. Sunday, May 10. Say it twenty times.

Catalina Jazz Club is doing a special margarita-themed Mother's Day brunch. Singer Rachelle Ferrell is the headliner, so there is excellent entertainment on the menu as well. Note this is a buffet brunch, which makes us happy. We'd go buffet every day of the year if we could, but on holidays, it feels like it is practically the law.

We are fond of the El Cid margarita -- very traditional, with a hint of sourness we crave -- and we are exceedingly fond of the El Cid flamenco show. We know Mom will be, too; in fact, we've watched moms watch this show and "rapt attention" are the words that come to mind. Best of all, the flamenco show is Wednesday through Sunday, and it just so happens that Mother's Day is on a Sunday. Sunday, May 10 in fact. Did we mention that before?

The gorgeous, wrought-iron-y Spanish Kitchen on La Cienega hosts a Wednesday-nights Tequila School, which might make a lovely gift for your mother (wouldn't she brag about that to all her girls). But if you don't sign her up for tequila classes, taking her out for an early evening, sun's-still-out blended margarita at this historic locale will be the tasty topper to her big day.

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