Los Angeles Film Festival Highlight: June 22nd

A doc, a shorts program, and a movie that keeps on building an impressive head of steam are on the Los Angeles Film Festival grid for Monday, June 22nd.

What we're wanting to see: "Humpday" by writer-director Lynn Shelton. Ms. Shelton just got called "the female Judd Apatow" by no less than the Los Angeles Times (or rather, The Times cited other people calling her that). Lady's got heat, and her film "Humpday," which follows two dudely buds as they decide to make an adult flick (starring themselves), has been getting the love at hoity spots such as Sundance.

We're already laughing. And cringing. "Lringing" is perhaps the best word for the reaction. "Humpday" rolls at 4:45PM on Monday, June 22nd at the Landmark 8.

And if you can't wait for the soon-to-bow  "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," there's a special screening on Monday, June 22nd at the AMC Avco.

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