Los Angeles: Top 10 Pizza Joints

1. Mulberry Street Pizzeria (Beverly Hills) - Classic New York pizza; this place is the best. Huge single slices are affordable and scrumptious. The eggplant parmesan is heavenly, as is the tomato and artichoke.
2. Santino’s Pizza (Santa Monica)- This family-owned business has everything you want in a local pizza joint: fantastic thin-style New York pizza with a tomato sauce like something your Italian grandmother would make at home, if you had either. Dine in on checkered-cloth tables, and don’t forget to order a homemade brownie and cookie, which, like the pies, is very inexpensive.
3. Damiano’s (Mid-City West) - Eating at Damiano’s feels like being in a scene from The Godfather -- it’s dark and very Italian. Thin-style New York pizza is top-notch, especially at all hours: They’re open daily until 6 a.m.
4. Andre’s Pizza (Hollywood) - If the economy’s got you down, don’t fret this cafeteria-style joint has pizza by the slice so cheap you’ll wish they stayed open past 8:30 p.m. Order a meatball on the side and kick your pizza up a notch.
5. Tomato Pie (West Hollywood) - Tasty upscale offerings like the Mr. White: fresh garlic, olive-oil base, ricotta, romano and mozzarella cheeses. Breakfast pizza unlike anything else in the city, with egg and olive-oil base plus three toppings of your choice.
6. Joe Peep’s (Hollywood) - The busiest of all the pizza joints, Joe Peep’s offers New York-style pizza with thick or thin crust and a menu of “5,969 calorie pizzas.” Plan ahead, as the wait for take-out can be long.
7. Pitfire Pizza Co. (Hollywood) - “The crust you can trust” holds a lot of weight. Signature is the burratta: organic arugula, caramelized onions, tomato sauce, hazelnuts, and pesto, for $9.95. And in a tip of its hat to Dr. Seuss, the Green, Eggs & Ham pie features organic rapini, baked egg, and prosciutto with truffle oil.
8. Little Toni’s (Hollywood) - Knows its bread and butter: Cheap pizza and booze, comfortably dated decor, 2 a.m. closing. Great pie good for a slice and drink after a long day.
9. Lucifer’s (Los Feliz) - Dough imported daily from New York. Option to kick your pie up a notch to spicy, plus creative selection of toppings. Appropriate goth-friendly decor.
10. Robbie Mac’s Pizza (San Fernando Valley) - Perfect exemplar of the pizza-sports-beer genre. Thick-crust pie has unique flavor and goes great with a pitcher, endless big-screen TVs, and whatever your game is.
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