Lounge Act: OC Subway Gets an Upgrade

The $5 footlongs may bring customers in, but most Subway customers grab their subs to go. All that could change thanks to a classy upgrade in Orange County.

A Subway in Huntington Beach has been reimagined with sofas, a fireplace and flat-screen TVs. The cozy redesign is an effort to get customers to stick around, says Alex Chandok, who operates three OC Subways.

"The Subway concept is quick. Pick up your sandwich and get out," Chandok told the Fast Food Maven blog. "I want to give a message for people that it is a family place where you can relax and eat anytime."

Chandok says 90 percent of Subway diners "buy and run" at his restaurant, Fast Food Maven reported:

With Subway's approval, Chandok set out to create a "lounge" concept. His 1,800-square-foot restaurant is decorated with six sofas, two 56-inch flat screen TVs and an electric fireplace.

A representative for Southern California Subway restaurants said the Huntington Beach sandwich shop is "the most unique" Subway in the region.

The Huntington Beach Subway may be the first of many to incorporate the lounge act. Spokesman Ben Purcell says future locations in Orange and Los Angeles counties will replicate the cozier look.

Even if the lounge vibe doesn't appeal to you, there's still reason to check it out. On Aug. 14 and 15, the store is having a buy-one-get-one-free promotion. The Subway is located at 9025 Adams Ave.

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