Loving on the Vinyl

Our one private, we-used-to-semi-stick-to rule while looking through records at a second-hand store or independent seller: If the band was wearing shiny space outfits on the cover, and they're sitting inside a UFO, or on a UFO, or there's no band, just a UFO, we usually had to buy it. Even if we didn't know the band. Because you know that shiny space outfits probably means the record within will be a cosmic journey of the most magical kind.

Vampires are everywhere these days; aren't UFOs due for their pop culture renaissance? We're just asking.

Many people, people more serious than ourselves, more out-there-looking-every-weekend than ourselves, more collection-oriented than ourselves, actively support stand-alone record stores, those rocked-out nooks your older sister or brother first introduced you to years ago. And then you were hooked. The hard-to-find music on the loudspeaker, the jacket buttons for a buck at the counter, the Quarterflash and Zeppelin posters still hanging over the register, and the albums. All the albums.

Silent Movie Theatre is celebrating those treasured, tuneful spots on Thursday, August 13th. First up: the documentary "I Need That Record!," which looks at the many challenges facing small music stores and all aspects of album-mania. The director will be there, and there will be Q&A-ing. 

After the screening, trade your vinyl out back of Silent Movie. You've got a "loved-it-then-not-now" album to show up with, yes? You might really score. We think you will.

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