Masculine Flair

DUDE! CARD: You have a brother. A cousin. A male relative. A female pal. You know a human who likes paper hellos. You want the perfect card, but you've done the one with the golf clubs on the front a few times. Or maybe it was the birthday greeting with the remote control on the cover. Was that last year? Probably. May we recommend the Dude! Card? It's letterpress. It's simple. It says everything it should, and yet so much more. Dude. Via the Curiosity Shoppe, $5

THE ORIGINAL DALI MUSTACHE NECKLACE: Finally, our chance to have a real, curled-up-at-the-corners mustache. Sure, it's a necklace, but maybe merely wearing it will make us feel more artist-y. We'd even wear a top hat. Did we mention the top hat? This masculine/feminine bit of hirsute sweetness can be found at Little Angels Jewelry. $11.99 (If you already have a real mustache, and you wear this mustache, you will have two mustaches, and you will be very lucky.)

THE UNISEX POLY-VISCOSE GENTLEMEN'S TIE: Because everyone looks fantastic in a tie. Annie Hall, James Bond, everyone. Because autumn is straight ahead, and adding a dark charcoal necktie to a little cardigan/tights ensem could be just the sartorial snap you've been looking for. We like the dark and basic colors of these handsome/pretty American Apparel pieces. Are you bold enough? You are. $24

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