Maybe Gargoyles Can Jump-start Curb Appeal?

Gargoyles? As Francophiles, and medieval-philes, and architectural-philes, and weird-old-stone-creature-philes, we love 'em. And we've loved the ones we occasionally see around bright, glare-y, oh-so-sunny LA (not a natural home for gargoylia, which seem more at home in broody, cloudy, pull-your-velvet-cloak-closer cities). Even the giant figures that loom over structures like the Park Plaza Hotel thrill us, even if they aren't strictly gargoyles.

But this New York Times piece on the warlock-like creatures leering on the facade of a building on 110th Street made us think of a write-up about some famous fountain gargoyles in Beverly Hills we saw very recently. This fountain is unknown to us, and while we briefly wondered if the hairy, fawn-like beasties holding up the fountain could even be classified as gargoyles -- aren't they strictly relegated to buildings? -- we grew to like the bit of splashy Beverly Hilldom.

It hasn't operated in years, but an influx of cash is changing that (or perhaps already has). Which means we'll be driving by the Alpine-adjacent block for a look-see with our own gargoyle-loving eyes soon.

This feels like a pre-trend to us. Or maybe we're wishing it is. Can the addition of a gargoyle help home owners looking to set their properties apart? We're just wondering is all. Find yourself a gargoyle lover as a potential buyer and watch their eyes light up...

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