Merry Stroll: Ventura Winter Wine Walk

A Holiday Street Fair and a chance to taste some fab local vino? Yes indeedy.

MONDO STREET FAIRS... are often portrayed as a summertime thing. Think people in shorts and tank tops, dogs wearing kerchiefs, lots of sunglasses and freckled shoulders, and a band up on a stage, frequently talking about the heat between songs. But it doesn't have to be that way, not in California, at least. We can do the winter, or close-to-winter, street fair, and, by dang, we're gonna, because, yeah, it's California. Even if it isn't summer that summer way of life must be heeded, even if it means bundling up and leaving the tank top and sun hat at home. Ventura takes this summer-in-our-hearts, late-autumn-outside approach each December courtesy of its Holiday Street Fair and Ventura Winter Wine Walk, which are both set to live it up, and sip it up, respectively, on Saturday, Dec. 7. It could be a damp one, so let's add the asterisk that this is set to go on, rain or shine. 

DATES AND DETAILS: The fair gets crafting, vendoring, fooding, and artsing at noon, and the wine walk follows at 4 p.m. Some 45 tasting locations will be set up and the wineries? They'll do the running of the gamut thing, from Summerland Winery to Cantara Cellars to Sycamore Lane. And, for sure, there are hotel stay-over deals, too, connected with the day, so best check that out before making for the 101.

AND IF YOU'RE STILL IN THAT NECK OF THE WOODS... er, shore on Sunday, Dec. 8, take note: Runners are hoofing it from Santa to the Sea in Oxnard. Yes, we're referring to the famous Carpinteria Santa here, which got moved a few years back. Love to run? Miss seeing Santa? This could be your perfect morning out.

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