Moby on Modernism

The music-maker is set to speak at Modernism Week.

HOW LA LOOKS: There was a day when a creative person was very often considered to have a hand in all the arts, even if said person's focus was in a sole area. Renaissance Men (and Women) developed out of this idea, as well as the notion that to be talented in one area meant you were inspired by many. Along the way, performers got a bit pigeonholed -- writers must stay writers and musicians musicians, and never the twain shall do that thing that the twain are not to do -- but we're sensing a shift back, thanks in large part because of the internet, and how we share ideas. Moby, as in that Moby, is at the forefront of this thinking. Yes, he's made some of the most recognizable ditties of the last two decades, but he's also known to be a bit of a wide-ranger when it comes to various disciplines. Architecture, and specifically Southern California architecture, has caught his fancy as of late. And the Renaissance Man is set to speak on that very subject when he visits Modernism Week in Palm Springs for a discussion with KCRW's Frances Anderton ("Design and Architecture").

IDEAS ABOUT BUILDINGS: The talk is on Saturday, Feb. 23 at the Ace Hotel. Topics? "LA's wonderfully weird architecture, preservation, modernism, and much more." Sounds lively to us. If you can't make the discussion, but want to know more about Moby's architectural adventures in SoCal, he's got a really nifty blog full of buildings galore, many of which you'll recognize. Check it out. And here's the full Modernism Week scene, if you haven't made your plans yet (do so at once).

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