Uncommon Scents

I LOVE JUICY: Some people will buy a gym membership for the new year. Others may color their hair. Still others -- those of us who want immediate satisfaction in our "New Year New Me" routine -- might opt for purchasing a new scent. There's one we're eyeing that's yummy and has street cred in Japan -- it's called Juicy Jewel and is sold at Clover boutique in Silver Lake.

"The top notes combine an enticing hint of peach, pineapple and black currant. The middle notes boast layers of enchanting florals – Asian Jasmine, Damask Rose and fragrant Lotus flower. Finally, the base notes of musk, amber and heliotrope deliver the intoxicating sensuality of Juicy Jewel." 

Like we said, yummy. 

BUY IT: 1 oz., $55, at Clover, 2756 Rowena Ave. or at cloversilverlake.com

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