New Crumbs Opening in Glendale

Crumbs has always been one of the much-praised top-tier cupcakeries in New York City (hats off to the Big Apple, a city so blessed with eating variety that there are indeed tiers for even specialized tidbits like cupcakes). So when Crumbs dusted some happy pink sugar on Larchmont here in Southern California, sweet-toothers rejoiced.

Rejoice further, frosting fans who are not Larchmont adjacent: Glendale is getting its very own Crumbs, possibly as early as this Friday (word is everything at the shop is still getting in shipshape order for the delish debut). So if you live over the hill, there's no more hauling your hide into Hollywood for those chocolate-slathered jewels and two-percent milk (which we never, ever pour directly onto the cupcake to make it mushy, and by never we mean sometimes).

Other flavors we're pretty keen about: s'mores, Heath bar and Key Lime. Then there's the Crumbs Twinkie cupcake. If two forces were ever to unite for the good of humankind, its that sponge-y, cream-centered log and its densely crumbed oval sidekick. Smooth move, Crumbs, very smooth indeed.

The Americana at Brand, 889 Americana Way, Glendale

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