Oh, Hello Mountain Snow: There You Are

Stow those shorts, flakes fans; February is acting February-ish, finally.

FEBRUARY BRINGS THE FLAKES: Well, phew. We were starting to think that we'd have to resort to the cutting of paper snowflakes, the kind that attach to each other, if the clouds above didn't start delivering. At least delivering in the mountains, which are still open for mitten-up, scarf-on, knitted-hat-on-your-noggin business. (It is the middle of winter, after all.) And we're not knocking paper snowflakes -- they've brightened classrooms since the invention of classrooms and paper snowflakes -- but we are saying that the real stuff is most welcome around Valentine's Day Week, when we'd rather be cutting out paper hearts (also a decor brightener). Finally, the weather delivered at Mammoth Mountain, which saw a "Storm total of 12 to 24 inches of snow" over the weekend. Thank you, atmospheric river, for rivering over the Sierra ahead of a three-day weekend.

THERE ARE A HOST OF HAPPENINGS... still to go, including a Feb. 21 birthday party for Woolly, the mountain's mammoth mascot. (Since mammoths lived around the late Pleistocene, we imagine that Woolly's cake may hold a few candles.) Electric tubing, Full Moon Tours at Tamarack, and some Valentine's dinners around the resort are on the calendar.

Also still feeling the chill...

SKI SUMMIT: The mountain play place is already readying for a "four-day weekend" -- yep, beyond the three -- and there's some night skiing to do (on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). 

NORTH LAKE TAHOE: For a full-scale winter party, with music, rib eats, pups, people-watching, and zany antics -- the best kind of antics -- make for the Big Lake at the end of February for the multi-day SnowFest!

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