Outside Lands: Food Fest Announced

The mega music party is known for its culinary spirit. Here are the details.

FOOD DE FESTIVAL: Ever been to a giant extravaganza, where thousands of fans show up, be it a science fiction convention, a car show, a sports spectacular, or a music festival? What did you eat? It might have depended on the type of event (a space taco at a sci-fi con, a glow-in-the-dark lollipop at an electronica gathering). But you probably don't recall too much about what you consumed during the day or weekend, other than it was salty, cheesy, and it kept your energy vaguely high for the duration. It isn't often that there's a food and beverage emphasis placed on a festival where many, many people are expected. Say, like San Francisco's Outside Lands, one of the largest music festivals in the state. That's because cuisine takes time, and care, and plating up hundreds of easy-to-eat dishes every hour isn't simpatico with that.

BUT... Outside Lands takes a different view. They've folded a food element into the larger tunes to-do, meaning that the grub is good. More than good, it can be delicious, and there's a healthy variety beyond the salty/cheesy element. The food line-up for the Friday, Aug. 9 through Sunday, Aug. 11 festival was just announced on Monday, May 6, and we don't wonder if some people will attend solely  for the snacking and not for the rocking.

BILL OF FARE: There are actually five distinct foodie parts to Outside Lands: A Taste of the Bay Area, Choco Lands (!), Wine Lands, Beer Lands, and Outside Lambs. The quintet will offer over 200 food options all together, so even if you're just coming to eat, you probably will have to narrow things down. At Beer Lands, some seven of the 16 brewers are local to the Bay Area; Wine Lands will host 36 winemakers. And the main Taste event? Look for frozen hot chocolate from Charles Chocolates, chimichurri fries from 4505 Meats, and BBQ Oysters from Woodhouse Fish Co.

What was that? Who is on stage again? Some world-famous legend? Oh, right. This is a music festival. Be right back, need to get some more chimichurri fries...

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