Pacific Voyagers in Paradise Cove

The Polynesian ocean canoes are making for Malibu.

What have you been up to since April?

Many of us have been commuting to our jobs. Cleaning out the occasional closet. Taking the car in for service. Returning some library books. And though we list those in a slightly humorous and even desultory tone, they are certainly necessary and even noble everyday tasks.

But while we were pursuing our everyday to-dos, a team of bold adventurers have been ocean-adventuring in a traditional fleet of vakas, the beautiful Polynesian canoes that are built to sail over wide expanses of water.

Suddenly the world grows wider, and suddenly it feels like the closet can wait.

They're called the Pacific Voyagers, and they've been making headlines in several countries since the spring. The headlines continue in the U.S., where the Voyagers currently are. Well, to be fair, they're out in the Pacific, and they're headed our way from Monterey. The arrival date is Friday, Aug. 19, the location is Paradise Cove, but note that weather and other factors play a role in the Voyagers' trip. Times and dates could be scooched, but such is riding the winds.

The team's story is as epic as its trip. Crew members hail from the Cook Islands, New Zealand, Samoa and several other far-ranging locales. They will "sail 15,000 miles by celestial navigation." And they're making this globe-spanning journey to draw attention to environmental issues that impact our globe.

The nine-day LA layover will include happenings in Santa Monica, Venice, Chumash Village, and Dana Point, just to name a few locations. Find out where the Voyagers will be and when. When did you last admire a vaka? The closet definitely can wait.

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