Patti, We Hear You

Popping over to the Center Theatre Group site to read once more about "An Evening with Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin," which wraps its one-week run at the Ahmanson Theatre on Monday, June 29th, we saw a link that intrigued.

In short, Tony winner Patti LuPone had taken on, with eloquence and fierceness, people whose phones/devices/mini-whatevers beep-beep-beep during a show; she now has addressed the timely issue both from the stage and in a letter to the New York Times. Reader comments to Ms. LuPone's letter now number over 1000, so clearly people have their dander up over the matter.

We understand phones needing to be on: babysitters, a sick friend, the hundred things that can call us away from a big night on the town. But, and we're surely the 57,801 person to say this: that's why vibrate was invented. And a lobby or sidewalk you can quietly dash to when you get that important call.

Or, how novel: Just refuse to be reachable for three hours, if you are afforded that luxury.

We all have a not-so-sweet memory of someone disrupting our fun (and often expensive) night out with random, not-too-crucial yakking. (A yakkity man once plopped down next to us, the better to get comfortable while he made plans on where to meet a friend after a concert. The quietest ballad in the world was being sung on stage, and people in the next zip code could hear his conversation. We hate to pull this word out and only do so on very special occasions but: Really???)

Patti, one more request: When will you be taking on marathon, "I'm bored what r u doing?"-type texting in movie theaters?

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