Quentin Tarantino Movies Meet the Slow Twirl

Monday Night Tease tickles. Not only is it one of the grande-damiest of all burlesqueries in Los Angeles -- the show bills itself as "the longest running weekly burlesque show" in town, which is nothing to shake a stiletto at -- but Monday Night Tease *goes there*.

"There" in this instance would be various Quentin Tarantino films. Like last year, the Tease is taking on the famously verbal, famous violent director. We should also mention here that Tease's last much-ballyhooed Tarantino night sold out faster than Uma Thurman springs back to life in "Pulp Fiction" -- well, practically.

Bump and Grindhouse indeed. Those two words cleave nicely together, and are used by burlesquers around the world, and for a good reason: Because sexy dance does have an eau du grindhouse to it.

So maybe that's why there are two Tarantino-y nights this year -- Monday, July 20th and Monday, July 27th at the Three Clubs on Vine -- with loads of swishing, posing, and shaking it with eye on a famous flick. Films on tap to be tributed: "Reservoir Dogs" (wow, just...wow), "From Dusk Til Dawn," and both the "Kill Bill"s. There will be others. There will be camp. There will be saucy moves. There will be outlandishness that Mr. Tarantino himself would probably look upon with approving eyes.

Perhaps one year, seeing how popular this event is, there will be a "True Romance" tribute to the chilling trailer scene between Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper.  Two dancers, two chairs, one intense conversation. With hip swaying and shoulder dips.

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