Reposing at the Rose Parade

We're a month out; got your grandstand tickets?

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We're a month out from the most famous New Year's Day stroll in the world, so we thought we'd prod you, ever so gently, about those Rose Parade grandstand tickets you talk about securing year after year.

The Tournament of Roses Parade is, how would one say..? Major. Like, you want to plan way ahead if you are attending (you have to figure that people traveling from around the country -- and world -- already have their California itinerary locked up).

If you are thinking of attending the 121st outing of the parade on Friday, January 1, 2010, or maybe need to check with Cousin So-and-So at Christmas to see if he wants to go, best check now, or over the next week or two. Because these grandstands aren't your typical bleachers; tickets are reserved and numbered, and ushers -- yes, ushers -- show you to your seat.

How much do we adore the refinement of the Rose Parade? Much.

While tickets are available through December 31, nabbing them ahead of time is always advisable, as opposed to waking up on New Year's Day and deciding you might want to go see some floats. Like so many huge events in our metropolis, being on top of the process is everything. Seriously. Ask anyone who's tried to get a ticket to a hot concert the day of.

Check out the various locations you can sit at. Very helpful, Sharp Seating. Very helpful indeed.

That said, if you want to curb it on Colorado, by all means, get adventurous. The Rose Parade does not dissuade parade watchers who decide to grab some asphalt (though they do link to the Pasadena Police site for further rules and explanations), but consider that hardcore fans start staking curb at noon on New Year's Eve. Brrr.

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