Rubber Ducks Float in a Really Big Tub (the Pacific)

The rubber duck, that icon of childhood, of the bathtub, and of the carnival will forever be on our list of simple joys. That Ernie on "Sesame Street" is also a fan confirms we're in excellent company. And when a bunch of duck buffs drop 'em over the side of Huntington Beach Pier, all in the name of a good cause and snapshot-perfect fun, we want to be there to witness the wacky wonder of it all.

The 17th Annual Huntington Beach Duck-A-Thon floats into the surfside city on May 15-17, and while those little daffodil-yellow squeakers are the stars of the weekend, there will be lots to look at. Starting with a wine tasting, a craft fair, kid to-dos, the works.

But the main event is the highly cinematic, get those phone cameras prepped duck drop. If you want to see and/or participate in this baby, be at the Pier at 3PM on Saturday the 16th (or much earlier, actually); that's when many, many, many ducks will be unhanded, in unison, with a mass sploosh into the ocean. Chills. Or thrills. Chrills?

Are you picturing it? We're hearing operatic music just thinking about it. Once those duckies hit the water, the race is on to see which ones will make it back to the shore first. Funds raised by the fun go to the Community Care Health Centers. (There's a fee to sponsor a duck, but there are also prizes involved if your little rubber guy turns out to be an especially fast swimmer.)

Ducky. All of it. Very, very ducky indeed.

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