Salads in Time for Spring: Tender Greens in WeHo

Oh, we'll do a smallish dinner salad with the obligatory cherry tomato bobbing around in the middle once and awhile, but mostly we're craving a giant dish of fresh produce bursting with chicken and Parmesan shavings and nuts and other crunchy goodies. For years we were wanting a really mondo salady spot, and then along came Tender Greens to Culver City.

Turned out a lot of other arugula-and-all-the-extras aficionados were craving the same thing, because the restaurant had instant buzz and regulars practically in its first week. What were these diners turning out for? The Salad in the Raw (with eight different veges), a robust Tuna Nicoise, and various chicken-laden dishes. Fresh, and supremely filling, too.

Now Tender Greens is sprouting in West Hollywood at the new Hancock Lofts on Wednesday, March 18, just days ahead of spring (and just a day after we've downed far too many donuts slathered in bright green, St. Patrick's Day frosting). The timing sounds perfect, and so does the location. Lovely lettuce, and lots of lovely-to-eat things on top of it.

Tender Greens
8759 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood

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