Santa Monica Art Studios Open House

Peeking inside a working studio, stepping over various canvases, spying a pair of gloves covered in clay? This is how we love to view art. Don't get us wrong -- we're mad for museums and galleries as well, but often we like to go to the source, and the source for art is the studio.

So we were thrilled to hear that Santa Monica Art Studios is throwing its doors wide to not just a single studio, or a couple, but over 30, giving people a chance to get up-close with works they usually have to admire from a distance. Painting, sculpture and a variety of visual arts will be on display, and a number of artists will likely be on the premises, so chatting 'em up is encouraged.

We also love the cinema-ready setting; Santa Monica Art Studios occupies an airy, ginormous airplane hangar. Plan on strolling for several hours, pausing now and then to take in the art where the art is made.

Santa Monica Art Studios Open House
Saturday, October 18 (6-9PM) and Sunday, October 19 (1-5PM)
Santa Monica Art Studios, 3026 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica

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