Saturday Forecast: Heavy Santa Showers in Areas

A crowd of jovial people in red coats trimmed in white. A sea of whiskery beards, real and not. And a deep, fervent, untame-able will to "ho ho ho" the way through the day and into the night, where milk-based cocktails are more likely to be consumed than straight-up milk. Welcome to Santacon, a sort of improvisational, free-spirited on-slaught of Santas who merely want to bring a little hijinx tomfoolery to the holidays, and have a blast doing so.

Santacon jingles into various secret locations in cities across the nation in the days leading up to Christmas, and Los Angeles has its day in the Santa sun on Saturday, December 6. It is too late to don your big Santa boots -- sign-up closed a few days back -- but if you're in the right place at the right time on the appointed date, the flood of Santa-y festiveness will make you laugh, make you reach for your camera phone, make you want to kiss a Kris Kringle for joy (ask first before puckering up).

Remember that the Santas will want to see and be seen, so think public-y places. Word'll get out fast once they arrive, too; local news loves Santacon, and we don't blame them. Dozens of Santas acting out? That story just writes itself.

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