Soon on Sale: Next Winter's Cali4nia Pass

Get a deal and ski at a quartet of California resorts.

RECREATIONAL WISHES FOR NEXT WINTER: The season has not wrapped at the ski-super mountain resorts of the Sierra and Southern California, but Mammoth Mountain, June Mountain, Big Bear Mountain, and Snow Summit are gazing ahead to next winter. Opening day at Mammoth, after all, is just over two-thirds of a year away, which'll give people just enough time to shine up their skis, plan a few friend-group weekends, and nab that Cali4nia Pass. Oh, you know the still-new-ish...

CALI4NIA PASS, right? You absolutely do if you're a winter recreation buff in the Golden State and you've visited the quartet of destinations mentioned above in recent months. It's the all-in-one deal that gives skiers who want to try out the two more northerly resorts and the two closer-to-LA spot a go while saving cash. The cash you pay? That's $689, which includes a hundred-buck resort credit (if you purchase by April 6) and "unlimited skiing and riding" at June, Mammoth, Big Bear, and Snow Summit. The "By the Numbers" on this foursome of high-up-there hills includes some fun factoids: There are 5,888 skiable acres in all, 61 lifts, and 15 terrain parks. While touching a ski to every single one of those acres might be a challenge, surely there are committed Californians who've been on all 61 lifts, and in all 15 parks, multiple times. Is this you? Then best set an alert for...

MONDAY, MARCH 23: That's when the 2015-2016 Cali4nia Pass goes on sale. To get that $100 resort credit, buy it before April 6. And don't yet discount the 2014-2015 season, which has not officially wrapped. Cross those gloved fingers for more snow (and, yes, for sure, precipitation in general), and look to Mammoth Mountain, which still has full moon ski outings and snowshoe to-dos scheduled for the weeks ahead. The other resorts are staying bustling, too, into springtime with Easter happenings, competitions, and traditional, honest-to-Woolly ski days.

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