‘Stache Swagger Soiree

How's your growth for a good cause coming along?

You probably know a guy who is currently, for a lack of a better word, mid-bestached.

Is there a proper term for hundreds of men who are midway, or nearly all the way, to a full set of hair between their upper lip and nose? Whatever you want to call the state of growing a mustache, call it noble, especially when it is for a good cause like Movember.

Now Movember -- and, er, November -- are nearly over, so it is time for all of those men who started growing mustaches on Nov. 1 to celebrate their success. Yes, success in sprouting a 'stache, but also success in raising money and awareness about fighting men's cancers.

The party is on Thursday, Dec. 1 at Avalon. There will be contests and showing off and the praising of other guys' good growths. So if you've been growing, definitely *do not* wake up on Dec. 1 and shave. You'll want to strut your facial furriness at the bash.

If you didn't grow a mustache, or can't, or won't -- we won't quibble with this last reason, although, let's be honest, a certain hirsute-based boldness is sexy -- you can still donate to Movember and support the cause.

Our hopes? One: Movember returns year after year (we guess it will, given how many men seemed to jump on board). And two? A lot of the guys flaunt their new facial hair through the holidays. And maybe always? The 'stache was all the rage in the late 1970s. Can't we bring that back, along with tight flannel shirts and Aviators? Come on. Burt Reynolds. "Smokey and The Bandit." Enough said.

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