Summer Might Have Just Started Without Us Knowing

We don't know. Maybe it is a holdover from school days, but when we think April, we kind of enter into a haze of bunnies and lilacs and soft mornings and indie dramas in the movie theaters and taxes and gentle rain showers.

But then we remembered that "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" comes out on May 1, which is just days away. And then we realized that the summer movie blockbuster season has already kicked into full, popcorn-y gear (this site wisely includes "Fast and Furious" and "Hannah Montana," two movies that have already opened, on the summer slate). We're weathering an August-like heat wave. Graduation decorations and plates and cups line the store shelves. And when we see the Father's Day stuff up in a matter of days, we won't be shocked.

So, that clinches it: summer really must start in April now, at least in Hollywood. But in a town where it can be strip-down-roasting on Halloween, where the leaves change around Christmas and June is one of the chilliest, gloomiest months of the year, it is all making perfect, if slightly crazy, sense.

Like we'd ever do anything the same as other people in this mad, marvelous place. Hello, summer.

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