That Vinyl Vibe

Love you a good B side? Support your local record shop.

If you grew up with vinyl, and no longer listen to old-school albums on a regular basis, there are certain things you certainly miss.

Those big fold-outs, usually depicting the band on a spaceship. All the lyrics in one place. All the credits and thank yous in one place.

And one of our favorite bits? How the edges of a cover would go all nubby and white over time, a byproduct of a fan holding an album and staring at the cover for minutes and minutes on end.

You feel the love, right? And you're thinking of digging the hi-fi out of the garage now, we hope? Good. Then stock up on all your Zeppelin and Redding and Bach at Record Store Day, which'll spin here and everywhere on Saturday, April 21.

The upshot? It's all about extending the gratitude and good feeling toward your local music shop (sure, they might sell CDs and tapes, too, but we had to start off with vinyl, which, let's face it, is just about the most romantic form of tune delivery ever).

There's going to be promotions going on, and special events, at various stores throughout the day. To-dos will vary, and giveaways, so you'll want to check in with your local favorite. Or, better yet, put a few local favorites on your list and visit them over the course of the afternoon with the intention of being surprised.

And will you leave with a nubbily-edge album that your brother owned, and wore out, thirty years ago? If you're lucky. And everyone is pretty lucky on Record Store Day, in our book.

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