The Great Los Angeles River Cleanup

Thousands of volunteers will gather to better our main waterway.

A few people might quibble with us when we say that the LA River can come in and out of vogue.

Of course that's not true -- there are a dedicated band of people who spend the better part of their days raising awareness of the river's issues and pursuing its positive interests -- but there can be times when one simply shelves the idea that we have a major artery running through our metropolitan.

Thank goodness there are days like La Gran Limpieza to remind us of that fact. It's the Great Los Angeles River CleanUp, and it falls just a few days after Earth Day. Easy to remember.

That day in 2012 will be Saturday, April 28 and about 4,000 volunteers are expected. On the schedule? Dredging up some 25 tons of garbage and getting it out of our river.

Making it easier for the people pitching in? There will be 15 meet-up spots all along the river. You'll be near Long Beach that day? No sweat; they've got your location. How about the Valley? You've got a place there, too.

If that Saturday is tight, consider the fact that it really is only a morning-type deal, meaning you're out by noon. Refreshments and other festive goings-on will mark the day.

And will it inspire a few other people to think of our river more often? We all should, not merely when we find ourselves passing over it on the way to somewhere else.

Friends of the LA River are behind the 23rd La Gran Limpieza. Thank you, Friends.

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