They're Even Talking Tax Increases in 90210

Beverly Hills voters set to consider tax increase on local ballot in spring 2009

So, like, times are hard, not just on Wall Street, in Washington, or at the Big Three, but, like, everywhere. I mean, like, they're even talking about a tax increase in … Beverly Hills.

No joke. A news release from the 90210 says the BH City Council has approved a tax measure for placement on the ballot March 3, 2009.

The city says the increase would affect "oil extraction, commercial parking operations, professional, business and personal services, and corporate and other headquarters," which sounds pretty much like everything involving a ka-ching in that most commercial corner of LA's Platinum Triangle. The city emphasizes that the measure "will impact businesses only and will not increase taxes paid by homeowners or other residents of the city." But, to be fair, it's likely at least some business owners would share the burden with consumers by increasing the price of things like parking, which Los Angelenos have no qualms about, right? Whatev's!

If approved, the tax revenue in BH could increase by as much as $7 million annually, money the city says would be used to help fund services and operations like police, fire, paramedics, parks and street repair.

Perhaps in anticipation of local resistance, the city included in its announcement this month the explanation that, although taxes would increase if the measure is approved, such taxes in Beverly HIlls would still be "less than the City of Los Angeles."

Now that's hot! Something for less in Beverly Hills! Luvs it.

More information is available in a PDF of the city's news release at this link.

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