Three Tea Things

So we plunked down to do a bit of typing about tea, and then we spied a picture of a tiny dog in a tea cup, and we thought, well, that's the photo that has to accompany our tea-based musings. Must. Because just looking at this picture makes our day loads better. Agree? Good.

Now, about what usually goes into tea cups, when little doggies don't. That's tea...

A CRASH COURSE IN TEA: We need this. We're tea drinkers, but what we select to sip on a particular day usually depends on whether the box has expired or not. We lean a bit too much on the fruits, too. We want to go spicy. Chicks With Knives is heading for Algabar Home & Life on La Brea on Wednesday, August 26th for a full-on lesson. Steamy. It's $35, you'll need to make a reservation, and it lasts from 7-9PM. Call 323-954-9720

STEEPED IN HISTORY: THE ART OF TEA: At the Fowler Museum at UCLA. It's been open for a few weeks, and has a few months to go. We want to eye all the elegant devices tea drinkers have used to pour out of and drink from and dunk within throughout time. It may inspire us to upgrade all the chipped crockery we've mistreated through the years. Through November 29th; free admission

CHADO TEA ROOM ONLINE DISCOUNT: You know Chado. The elegant cucumber-y sandwiches. The towers of treats, and the helpful staff. The shopping for teas online is as pleasurable as browsing the brick-and-mortar stores in Pasadena and Los Angeles. Plus, we're eyeing a big ol' "15-Percent Off" deal on the homepage. Yummy. Chado Tea Room

And if you want to know more about the little pup, read more about his preciousness here. Tom Thumb!

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