Family Vacations in a War Zone

Los Angeles Family on a trip to Israel deals with rocket attacks and Israel response

A family trip to their ancestral homeland turns into an "all-out war" in the Gaza Strip.

Ilana Youngheim, an editorial assistant at KNBC-TV, is on a planned family trip to Israel. Five days into the trip, Israel responded to rocket attacks from Hamas with a full-on attack on the Gaza Strip. Ilana said the family is not afraid and is continuing on with their trip.

Ilana, in her video blogs for NewsRaw, says the country is on high alert and security is everywhere. "Everything is checked. Bags at the malls are checked, and our purses are checked when we go out to eat," said Youngheim.

The family has spent the first few days in the northern portion of Israel, far from the front line. On Sunday and Monday, the family moved to Tel Aviv. Ilana said a Hamas rocket exploded just 25 miles away from them.

Ilana's video blogs can be seen on NewsRaw throughout the week, or on Youngheim's Youtube channel.

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