eBay Mobile Boutique

eBay bids the internet farewell for a few days and then jumps -- leaps! -- off your computer and onto the corner of Hollywood & Highland.

Well, the site isn't going anywhere. We just wanted to put "bids" the internet farewell. Because. We're corny like that.

It's a bit of cyber sprinkle magic dust, right? When a major web site goes and gets all brick-and-mortar-y for a few days. That's exactly what mega-shop-cyber-place eBay is doing with its Mobile Boutique. It's traveling the country with tech gifts and vintage knickknackery and holiday ideas and people who can help you buy for the people you don't know what to get.

It has landed at Hollywood & Highland -- not the actual corner, of course, even though we wrote the word "corner" above -- for two days only: Thursday, December 17th and Friday, December 18th.

And if you're a true eBay buff -- and there are so, so many -- you must be v. excited. "Bid"ing you happy browsing!

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