The whole wind-whipping, hair-blowing-forward, fighting-with-the-open/close-clasp-of-an-umbrella scene doesn't happen often in Los Angeles.

But many of us have had a few umbrellas flip courtesy of a surprise gust. Not every umbrella is a flipper, of course; there are sturdy sorts of every stripe on the market. But if you get flipped, suddenly you're dealing with the wetness, and the disappointment. Because, farewell, turned-inside-out umbrella. Even if you try and stick with it after de-flipping it, there's always a pointy bit pointing out.

Nubrella fights the wind-flipping. And people are so anti-wind-flipping that Nubrella is now on back order. But we felt, given that we're now entering a rainy stretch, and we'll be seeing more wet stuff for the next few, that we should take Nubrella out of the proverbial umbrella stand.

Plus, we like saying the word Nubrella. We kind of trill the "l" part when we do.

You can send the company your name and get on a list now. Happy staying dry, umbrella aficionados.

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