Week in Reviews: 3.5 Stars For Sedlar's Rivera

Today, Miss Irene visits John Sedlar at Rivera and hands out a glowing 3.5 stars. Sedlar has been firing on all cylinders from Day One of his kitchen comeback, and Miss Irene does not mince words. Warning: much raving follows:

Rivera is terrific, one of the most exciting restaurants to debut in L.A. in the last few years ... Rivera's food is so utterly unique. I couldn't believe it was actually that good and had to keep pinching myself. But the hyper-talented chef nailed it every time, virtually every dish, a remarkable feat in a restaurant hot off the presses.

The only caveat involves the fact that the restaurant has only been working on a half-full house level to this point, leading SIV to wonder if Rivera can keep up the flawlessness when slammed and truly become "one of L.A.'s great restaurants." Also, we never thought we'd read a professional review with the word "wowee" in it, but there it is. [LAT]

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